Open Level sends me to the same map I started in

Hello! I can not seem to figure out why it is when I walk through my overlap trigger box the Level Transfer BP i have set up executes but i get sent right back to the beginning of the same level rather than spawn in the new level. Im sure i have it set up properly, the name of the next level is spelled correctly. It was working previously, the only new change i made was to set up a game mode to use the motion controller pawn as default rather than keeping default pawn, everything else was kept the same. I only implemented that in order to fix a spawn issue in the next map where for whatever reason i was spawning in the ground, but that fixed it when i launch that map specifically, now however the ‘open level’ doesnt work and resets me back.

In my experience this only happens when you have specified the destination map incorrectly. Is the name on the OpenLevel node definitely the name of your map, and is the case correct?

Also, I don’t have UE on here, so can’t check, but I think you need the node OpenMap…

Hey thanks for the response! So yeah i just checked all my stuff, the name of the specified destination map is 100% correct, i even tried renaming things to make sure its correct so i kept it simple. The node OpenMap? I dont think ive ever seen that node

Where do you call “open level”? If you call it inside the Level Transfer BP, try calling it in Game Instance instead. Not sure if this will help, but maybe it does.

So I tried both calling it from level BP and from the transfer BP. It’s just strange cause when Im starting from a different map, I can travel to that level from the same exact Transfer BP just different level name. But can’t do it the other way around using the same exact BP just subbing out names and such as needed.

You could try renaming the Level in the content browser, and change the name on the open level node. Maybe some reference is broken. shrugs

I did try that as well, it still doesn’t work. I have no clue what’s wrong with it but I’m gonna keep fiddling around with the whole thing and see if I make ground :slight_smile:

have you looked in the output log? I’m pretty sure UE thows some error or warning what it doesn’t like. Have you tried the executeConsoleCommand “open YOURLEVELNAME”?

Hi thanks for the response! So i just tried inputing that command in the console, it didnt do anything at all. Nothing came up, no errors. But it also didnt load the map either, maybe I have the wrong syntax for it?

Make sure you’re only inputting the map name, no extra stuff like folder structure

This it the BP set up, the name of the level is NewLevel1, i dont have any extra things in there, no spaces or anything either. I cant find any errors either

Anybody have a solution for this, I am facing the same issue and in addition to that, it takes me to next level and immediately brings me back to first level and it hungs the character, he is not able to receive any controls…

Never mind, I just fixed it, its actually pretty stupid though, I was testing a functionality to spawn the player at the PlayerStart from Level beginning of that level, this was messing up with the OpenLevel node as it somehow kills the character, so it was spanning at the first level again since the test functionality kicked in. I noticed it and removed the functionality in the Level blueprint but forgot to remove the nodes from the Character blueprint, It worked as soon as I removed them from the character blueprint.