Open a door with HTC VIVE controller [blueprint]

Hello everyone,
I would like to be able to open doors with the VIVE motion controller by grabing the door knob and turning it.
I don’t really know where to start
I would like it to work like this :

  • the player approaches the controller next to the door knob
  • the player press the trigger
  • while the trigger is pressed, the player turns the controller ~30 degrees on the left (clock wise)
  • the door opens

I don’t ask you to make it from A to Z, but I just would like a base and a workflow to follow to be able to arrive at this result.
If you guys are enough motivated and have a little while to make it, then go ahead, I would be really gratefull.

PS : I’m a blueprint user, I don’t use C++


Please try collision (overlap begins & overlap ends), record rotate when overlap begins, and check at each update. Also, check blueprint nodes at unreal documentation.