Opaque glass?

I am told that translucent materials are too expensive for mobile and that i should use opaque instead. Is there a simple way to make opaque glass? It doesn’t have to be good or reflective.

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hi, just search for something like “ue4 fake window” and you’ll find everything you need. This is the first result.

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They worded it improperly, transparency is fine, but overdraw is scary. Watch the shader cost.

Fake WIndow as a search term never came to mind LOL Thanks I will check it out

I did notice that the mGlass (presumably mobile Glass) from mobile starter content didnt give me many problems. I am curious now if the non mobile starter kit Glass has more complexity in the material. Thanks for the help

“Opaque Translucency” is essentially a translucent material that is full opacity, but uses the scene texture for plugged into the emissive so that it looks translucent.

The most common use for this is for blurred glass, because you can blur the scene texture. But by using fresnel and a cubemap you can also blend reflections into it, allowing you to get glass that kinda looks like it is using lit translucency at a 10th of the cost by using the unlit shader.

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