Opacity without Translucency ?


I’m trying to create an Earth material and apply it to a slightly curved plane, It’s for a space simulation where the player will be hovering over the curvature of the Earth. The Earth looks good when it’s an “opaque” material, but the problem is i need an opacity falloff, so the material can transition off and hide the actual curvature of the plane, but the opaque material setting doesn’t allow for an opacity map it seems? The falloff map idea works great with translucency, but the actual material looks bad, no spec or roughness, no normal bump as far as i can tell, and the lighting looks really flat. Everything looks flat actually.

So is there a way to keep the good material settings with “opaque” but allow for the Opacity map as well? I tried masked as well, but it was the worst of all the options.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

That might help a bit.

Also, you could try masked with the DitherTemporalAA node, which helps with details.

Thanks Luos !!!