Opacity map as Virtual texture because of UDIMs not working


So I get this error:
“[SM5] Sampling a virtual texture is currently not supported when connected to the Opacity Mask material attribute.”
when I try to connect my opacity map which is a virtual texture because my object has UDIMs.
If I convert it to regular texture I lose my texture for the other UV tiles.
How do I fix this?



  1. Import each UDIM’s opacity map as a separate (non-virtual) texture.
  2. Manually offset your UV lookup for each opacity texture to match the desired UDIM offset in the other corresponding textures. Ensure the pixels outside of your offset textures are black.
  3. Add all the offset opacity textures together and pipe the result into the Opacity Mask node.

@jrapczak How can I offset the UV lookup to match the correctly UDIM location?


How Do I offset my UV lookup for each opacity texture? Can you go over this a with a bit more detail? Please and thank you!