Opacity difference in UE4 and Substance Painter

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to create a futuristic tablet with a see-through screen. I’ve painted the mesh in substance painter and projected some visuals on it. The result was just like what I wanted.

I exported the texture with Opacity on Alpha channel of Base Color. Then imported the textures to UE4.

I set the material in UE4 but I cannot make the opacity like i did in S.Painter.

I tried Opacity with masking but the result is never the same. It jıst makes the glass completely disappear.

I want the glass to be a little bit less transparent then a generic glass.

Could you help me on this issue? What am i doing wrong?

hello all,

I’ve finally solved my problem and I want to share here in case anyone has it. Here is how it happened. While I was painting with Substance Painter, I used opacity channel and painted the glass accordingly thinking that with this I can make the glass transparent.

It is true, you can do it but only if you don’t have any diffuse information on the glass. In my case the glass needed to have some color too.
I realized that if i want to make them appear on the glass I needed the opacity information of those color parts as well (simple but i missed that big time).

So I tried using projection tool with opacity and color information. But this did not work either because the opacity information is added according to the brush and I can only use Gradation with hardness set to 1. At least this is the only and best way i know of.

Finally I tried creating an alpha of the image but this was also not as effective as gradation brush because you need to adjust the brush in such small scale that it makes you lose too much time.

You can just use the alpha as a brush if you like. it works better. But in any case, creating an alpha of the image will take a lot of precious time.

anyway after realizing that the alpha information I need was missing I took the basecolor texture to photoshop and re-arranged all the color information on the glass again. Then selected all, went to alpha channel and painted it as i needed.

And voila! Just what i wanted.