OnSeePawn works in blueprint but not in c++

Hello. So i am able to use on see pawn in blueprint and print string to check if its firing and it is, but i use UE_LOG in c++ in OnSeePawn method and its not firing. Here is the code.


UPawnSensingComponent* PawnSensingComp;

void OnSeePawn(APawn* Pawn);


PawnSensingComp = CreateDefaultSubobject(TEXT(“PawnSensingComp”));
PawnSensingComp->OnSeePawn.AddDynamic(this, &AFPSAIGuard::OnSeePawn);

void AFPSAIGuard::OnSeePawn(APawn* Pawn)
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“PawnSeen”))

Please help!

I cant use TSubjectPtr because its deprecated. I was just following a tutorial because i wanted to do perception in c++ not blueprint. So i feel like the tutorial might be outdated. So i just wanna ask. Is this the best approach to this? Like create a class based on character and use it for AI or is there a better and more efficient way to do it(in c++) in unreal engine 4.21.

Hello! Do you find solution? I have the same problem and can not find how to fix it via all internet.

I have got it.
You have to writre binding code (PawnSensingComp->OnSeePawn.AddDynamic(this, &AFPSAIGuard::OnSeePawn):wink: not in the Constructor, but in BeginPlay function.

That work fine to me.

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