Only the Right Motion Controller Taking Input

I’m trying to pick up an object but only if the hand has its grip button pressed. The motion controller BP has a variable to check this and it works perfect on the right hand. On the Left hand the input action never fires, so it can never pickup anything. Pressing any of the four grips only fires the event in the right motion controller when it should fire in both. I don’t see why it would only be the right one??

I believe the issue has something to do with accepting input from multiple instances of the same blueprint, because i can receive input just fine from my InputAction, it just only fires the event in the last instance that had input activated in.

Since you are using the BP_VR Template, it’s already done for you. Look at the MotionControllerPawn blueprint. Notice how it has InputAction GrabLeft and InputAction GrabRight and uses the correct instanced controller reference to execute the Grab.

This is not correct, Using the correct controller isn’t what matters, my InputAction is setup the same except it just uses the grips, not the triggers. I did test using the GrabLeft and GrabRight, they have the same problem for some reason, they don’t fire when in the blueprint. I’m trying to check if either hand has the grips pressed down, if they do, then allow the object to be picked up. The problem isn’t check if the grip is pressed, that works fine, the problem is that the event only fires in one instance of the BP_MotionController instead of both. For example, when i press the grip on either hand, it should fire my print statement twice, because the InputAction event should fire in both hands, but it doesn’t, it only does it in one hand. Thanks tho