only some materials working on development build

Please help,
We are building our UE4 project using windows 32bit and only a few textures appear :confused:
When we hit play in editor all textures are fine it is only on build that most don’t work.
I will attach photos to show you the problem.

above is the build problem and then this is the in game editor playing:

Hello thomaschapman,

We don’t support UE4 on 32-bit Windows. I don’t know for certain that that is the reason for your issues, but I can’t reproduce your problem or report the possible bug while you’re using an unsupported operating system.



Thanks for the reply Jonathan,
To clarify, we are running 64bit versions of windows 7.
The build we are exporting is the 32bit shipping version but one of our programmers fixed the problem. We were using level spawning but moving the levels away from each other fixed it, thanks.

regards, Thomas Chapman