Only certain areas have working lighting?

Hi. I am using UE4.18 and I have a bug to report. Only a certain area in my map is properly lighted for some reason. Any actors outside this area are affected. Any help? (See image below)

Those tiles on the landscape that are darker are the areas that are affected by the bug (The cliff is in that area, making it darker.)

I used a post process with “Unbound” checked, exponential height fog, a skylight, and direct lighting. The graphics scale is on “Cinematic” . As soon as I created the terrain the noticeable lines in the terrain appeared. Sorry if I can’t explain it well enough.


We will need a little more information for this report. What kind of lights and volumes such as PPVs are being used in the level? Additionally, what are some steps that need to be taken to see these results?


Do you have a sample project with this bug present?


I’m not the type of person that would share my projects, but what do you think the problem might be related to? I want to research how to fix it.


Without repro steps or a sample project, there is not much we can do to investigate.


I simply rebuilt the lighting and it fixed most problems