Only 1 Texture Can be Applied to the Model

I am ****** off with this for a long time. Why it cant normally import my models?
I imported an .obj model of woman, and had my textures to ready to apply, but there was no place for them. It applied to the whole body, insted of parts of it.
Like it was a big stretched eye over her body.
Help please.

The obvious question is did you uv map the model first? Try saving as .fbx?

…what is uv map? [newfag here]

I don’t know what software you’re using but search some tutorials on how to properly uv map your models, you will also need a “lightmap” in the second uv channel for UE4 - search that as well.

Good luck!

Thanks. Also can you answer one more question please?
I have a misterious source of light on the level. I want to make a dark night scene, but I cant - everything is illuminated for no reason. And there’s nothing I can find in World Outliner. I deleted all skyspheres, lights, (it’s not the moon) and its a dark scene mostly, but with light coming out of nowhere. Please help me.

Screenshot of the problem.

Your Attachment is inaccessible.

Did you delete the skylight and/or Light Source (Directional Light) from the scene?

Also, open up the world settings. Under lightmass, un-twirl the Lightmass Settings. Check for Environment Color. Make sure thats Black. (It will look like a checker tile on the left and the color on the right)