OnlineSubsystem types unrecognised by Visual Studio

I’ve derived my class from FOnlineSessionSettings as per the ShooterGame example.

Visual Studio doesn’t recognise these types or their methods but I can compile the project fine which is strange.

If I call FOnlineSessionSettings::Set it will come up with a linker error as well.

Does anyone else have these issues? Why am I constantly plagued with red underlined typenames in the editor?

I have added all the necessary dependencies in my Build.cs

Strange, very strange…

I’ve been having the same problem. Mine ws FOnlineSesstionSearchResult. It said that it needed to be USTRUCT, UCLASS, UENUM etc

IntelliSence is sometimes buggy with UE4 and give red line even thru compiler compiles normally, i know it late reponce but how do you call FOnlineSessionSettings::Set? it’s not static function to call it like you presented

Don’t use UMACROs (like UPROPERTY) on non-reflected classes. UMACROs work only with stuff that is reflected with other UMACROs that error mentioned and all OnlineSubsystem classes are no reflected, not to mention UCLASS() only works with UObjects (classes with U or A prefix)

thanks, .