OnlineSubsystem GooglePlay doesn't work

unfortunately OnlineSubsystem GooglePlay doesn’t work in my game.

I’ve tried this code:

OnlineSub = IOnlineSubsystem::Get("GooglePlay");
IdentityInterface = OnlineSub->GetIdentityInterface();

const auto SessionInterface = OnlineSub->GetSessionInterface();

IdentityInterface->AddOnLoginCompleteDelegate(0, FOnLoginCompleteDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &ATTOTMobileGameMode::HandleOnLoginComplete));
OnlineSub->AddOnConnectionStatusChangedDelegate(FOnConnectionStatusChangedDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &ATTOTMobileGameMode::HandleNetworkConnectionStatusChanged));

But when game is starting it crashed without any error… Because this is GooglePlay it can only be tested on Android device so I can’t check what’s going on in “Output Log”… On the other hand in “adb log” I can’t see any error…

Yes and I know that but in DDMS any error didn’t occur in this issue… App suddenly crash without any error…

You actully can see logs on Android, UE4 outputs to logcat (android logging system) which you can see using DDMS