Online Subsystem Overview more details?

There is a lack of information on the documentation regarding the Online Subsystem Overview in particular the following sections:

Profile interface,
Friends Interface,
User Cloud,
External UI

When navigating to any of these pages they are all pretty much empty is this because they are platform specific and the information needs to be accessed elsewhere? If so where can I access this information?



Giving this a gentle nudge - some broad overview of how to approach using each subsystem including how you go about attaching different backend services to the engine etc would be much appreciated!

Are there any existing blogs or other external websites that are suggested as good places to get information until documentation is available?

The docs just haven’t been written yet. The reason we use interfaces is so that the platform specifics are hidden from the game.

The typical pattern is add a delegate, call the async function, process the results when the callback completes. Want the friends list for a player? IOnlineFriends.ReadFriendsList(). When that delegate fires, IOnlineFriends.GetFriendsList() will copy the list into an array you can operate on. Same exact pattern is used for achievements, leaderboards, etc.

Hi Joe, how would one go about to do the same in blueprints? Documentation is very rare here too, and while it seems to work for the Tappy Bird project, somehow i find more questions than answers, especially when it doesn’t work. Some insight would be greatly appreciated.