Online Splitscreen?

Hi Epic,

will there be a Online Splitscreen Feature in the near Future? Maybe in 4.9? :slight_smile:
We tried to build one, but we still didnt get it.

I know that there are not much games out there who need this.
But there are some :slight_smile: Like ours, which is in development.

Would be cool Epic.
Otherwise please help out with our Online Splitscreen which is still bugy :frowning:

Thank You,

Hi Guys,

we removed the Online Splitscreen Feature from our “To Do List” because we didn´t received any help to solve the online splitscreen feature :frowning:
Our last hope is now that maybe Epic will do something!
Because our success is yours! Come on Guys, help us! Please!

Still need help with that :frowning:

I think you could make online split screen by yourself, your idea is right, you just need to make a general gameplay and than add another split screen which is gonna imitate a remote player playing at the current game client. Keyword is IMMITATE, it doesnt need to be functional.

I will tell this my Blueprint Coder. I think that he will answer soon.
Thank you Dude :slight_smile:

The only thing i know is that the Server Hoster has no problems. But the Guy who joins the Server, he doesnt see the rotation of the enemys camera. Nothing happens :frowning:
He only see the Enemy but without any movement :frowning:
Also the camera is totaly wrong positioned. The Camera stays to far away.

But we want that you see your Enemy and how he rotates his camera and this is only happening to the server hoster.

Ue4 definitely needs better camera controls for setting up split screens, this would probably solve my stereoscopic 3d screen problem as well.

sounds like networking issue, not a game engine

I think that he said that it works offline when he opens a game with 2 windows.
But under Steam it doesn´t work :frowning: