Online shooter with full destruction. Is it possible?

Is is possible to create online shooter with full destruction like in this video?

With many players and many destructible objects

It depends on how far you go, for example Crackdown 3 is doing a lot of destruction but it requires them to do processing on a server since the console isn’t powerful enough for all of it.

Crackdown 3 was conspicuously absent at E3 this year.

Rainbow six siege has a lot of destruction. No reason unreal can’t do it, or even more if you know what you’re doing of course.

ue4 has a max chunk count. so if you don’t use chunks but destroy the walls right away it shouldn’t be a problem. if you want to have chunks, you will get a problem.

I will jump in and ask if it could do something like
BF4 skyscraper destruction - you all know what im talking about :slight_smile:

The Skyscraper is just an event synced to all clients after it’s triggered. If your looking for battlefield destruction, the way it seems to be set up is a wall segment checks for the damage type and blows up (deletes) and plays a particle affect, after that, a damage mesh is placed for that segment. In UE4, you can use destructable meshes and tell the wall to blow up for everyone. The chunks do not need to be replicated and you just need a bool. I use to have a video showing this but i must of took it down.

EDIT: Rainbow Six Siege does it completely different than battlefield.

That’s intresting, with the dust and the building going into the ground…

It doesn’t have any at all apart from a few scripted locations where you can place explosives. The dynamic destruction Ubisoft showed in their demos never materialised in the actual game.

It’s not 100% destruction but it’s more than a ‘‘few scripted locations’’. You can shoot through pretty much all walls, floor and ceilings, Only the truss will remain but the gypse, the wood will be gone.

Look at this video, this isn’t only scripted, there is lot of procedural destruction in that.

Guarantee all that is pre-fractured, similar to the current method UE4 uses.
If it was procedural, the furniture would be destructible and things like the pre-defined hatches wouldn’t need to exist.

All the destruction you currently see in AAA titles is mainly smoke and mirrors.
Then again, that sums up a lot of game development in general :slight_smile:

That shows a lot more destruction than I’m used to seeing in that game.

The Art of Destruction in 'Rainbow Six: Siege'