Full destruction path

Novice dev here,

so im looking to build using a fully destructible environment. im trying to sus out the best conventions for destructible behavior with considerations for optimization.

i see chaos is better for larger scale concepts, but im more familiar with apex. However, from what ive been reading both are janky and not really supported? so i probably dont want to sink a bunch of time into getting more familiar with those…

and ive read thru here, which is the closest to my topic: Online shooter with full destruction. Is it possible? - Community / Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

and dont really see a lot of answers although there are some good topics covered that will provide some insights into where to look for answers to my main question. which is…

what functions/tools/etc should i be focusing on? for instance, working in procedural generation its good to learn about nested loops.

so besides simply using destroy actor, what should i be looking into?

im aware of the destructible voxel option, but theres minimal educational resources in that direction by comparison. also, if i go that route i might as well spring for the voxel pro plugin

im hoping my question isnt too broad and id also like to say i dont expect a magic wand answer, just looking for a bit of direction. anyway thanks