Online/Network Splitscreen??

Hi Guys!

Im searching for a Documentation or a Tutorial to set up a Splitscreen Game, but Online not local.
It seems that there is no Tutorial or Documentation about it.
Has anybody a good Documentation or a good Tutorial for setting up a Network Splitscreen Game?
And please nothing about the Local Splitscreen.

Thank you

I can’t help you here, but i have a question:

For what do you need an online splitscreen? :open_mouth: Isn’t a splitscreen only for making it possible to have
2 cameras at one screen? What is the benefit in an online game, to see your other players camera?

There can be different kind of uses for such a Feature, like the Game “Screencheat” uses :slight_smile:

Haha ok, this is a very good point for having this feature :smiley:

Like Nobody said i think it depends on the Game which somebody is tryin to make.
I think there are some Examples for Network Splitscreen Games.

eXi: Do you mean its not possible?

Nono, i have no idea if it is possible. You would need to wait for someone actually tried that or for a staff guy. I was just curious about this being
an important feature for something, because i couldn’t imagine a game using splitscreens in an online match. Normally i would love to have my
fullscreen for me when playing online. :smiley:

I need this Feature :wink:
But it seems that there is no help about it :frowning:

I will bump the Thread, maybe some of the Epic Staff can say something about Network Splitscreen Function

Ehm, sorry but bumping is not allowed in a smaller gap than 4 days.

Okay, then i hope that some guys of the epic staff have seen the thread already :wink:

Hey eXi, sorry for a last Bump.

But we created a Answerhub Thread.
So if anybody has some idea, please let us know.
Also for a VOTE we would be very thankful :

Thank You Guys,

Games like call of duty and haze (ect- Army of Two, Warhawk) use split screen online.

In split screen who is considered client and who is considered sever?

I’m also interested in this feature.

Would this need to use the client as a sort of in between to server for all the player controllers? For example, since player controller (0) could be the client machine. Would we have to do everything for Player controller (1-3) through Player controller (0). This to speak to server. That’s if I have the logic down right. Split screen for multiplayer networked games would be a useful feature. E.G. For Coop online competition with the world on the couch. Your group vs theirs. An example would be Rock Band.

Player controller 0 has some sort of link with split screen players controllers (1-3)? The server can’t access directly right?

Clients have player indexes for each player on their machine.
Server also has player indexes for each player on its machine, but because it is the server, I think that means that if you have 5 machines with 3 players on each machine, that would mean the server has to keep track of 15 players. I don’t know yet if this is how it works, but I am trying to create a game where this is possible.

I also hope that the online subsystems allow cross-platform sessions. I read somewhere that Session types are hardware-specific, so this might no be possible, which would make me sad.

Just had a successful cross-platform networking test :slight_smile: Unfortunately, combining splitscreen with networking causes the client to lose its playercontrollers after a minute or so. Strange behavior.

Hey, how did you implement that?

I would love to know how you implemented the split-screen with network. I also would love if you actually put your work in the marketplace.

It is mostly the same as without splitscreen. You just need to make sure you identify all the playercontrollers by their player state -> PlayerId during RPCs and repnotifies, because PlayerController indexes only make sense to each local machine and you will mix them up by trying to identify players with them across the network.