Online multiplayer problem please HELP!

Hello all,

I’m having trouble with multiplayer online game Rest House that I’m making since 2016. Everything was setup for the multiplayer and it worked without steam till recently. Now it’s not working with or without steam turned on. I made steam server, and hosting the game from my comp. Ports are opened.

Cant join the game from laptop on other wifi network. i’m sending log file in attachment if it can help.
Don’t know what to do, so desperate because of this and maybe I should mentioned that I’m learning C++, I’m not a programmer doing game by myself.

I want to try to solve this mistery and if not what is the best easy working multiplayer template.

I set it up all it’s mixture of c++ and bp projects few years old working mess. (my first game).

Tnx in advance.
Good luck with your projects.


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