Ongoing C++ Gameplay Example Series: Making a Survival Game

Hi! I’ve had more people reporting this compatibility issue for OSX. Using the generic avoids the issue, but won’t allow you to ID others in a multiplayer game. So I’ll see if I can fix this using platform compilation flags.

It would be nice to watch you work on this on a twitch live stream or something. Hearing someone talk about something or seeing something being worked out in a chronological order is how I learn best.

Also, I just downloaded it and I am getting a lot of weird errors like "no instances of overloaded function “ASCharacter::ASCharacter” or identifier “Use” is unidentified. These are all over the place.

That’s odd, are you on 4.7.x? And did you download the master branch or a specific section?

Master branch, and 4.7.6, and the game runs in editor is fine. It’s just visual studio that has the problem.

It sounds like the download is corrupt? Could try getting a fresh copy of the branch and see what happens?

The wiki docs for Section 5 are up! It’s all about networking using some practical examples

Very interesting!

Could you elaborate the difference between the declaration [FONT=Courier New]UFUNCTION(Reliable, NetMulticast) and [FONT=Courier New]UFUNCTION(reliable, client)? From the description they seems to have the same behavior.


NetMulticast function is called on every client that connected to server.
Client function is called only on the single client, which is actual owner of the actor

Thanks, it makes sense!

Hey Tom I was wondering if the final version of this project will be using 4.8 ?

Yes, I’ll be upgrading to 4.8 soon.

Awesome! Thank you for all your hard work Tom! It’s always a treat to check the github page to see whats new.

Just submitted a bunch of bug fixes to the github source :slight_smile:

This is a really great resource, so many practical examples of features in a simple and well documented setting.

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

Hi Tom! Thank you very much for sharing your job!

Can you explain please, how you made the post process material work? I don’t seem to be able to do it :frowning: I set the post process material, an instance that i associate with a post process volume (which is “unbound”) and… nothing. Under the code, anytime I focus on an usable element I call the method for the mesh to perform post process (and the execution reaches the line)… has anyone been able to do it as well?

Thank you!

Do the meshes render into the custom depth buffer? Perhaps you can try reproducing the steps by creating a new level and doing the same thing (I don’t see any obvious step you missed in your description) and using the weapon pick blueprint.

A tip for your project: drop a mesh into your level and check “Custom Depth” property on the staticmeshcomponent (and simulate/run the game) and see if the outline is drawn. If it’s not, the problem if with your post process setup, otherwise it’s with the item you’re trying to focus.

  • Tom

@Tom: Quick question … not sure if I missed it … but here goes.

When you created your base project, did you use a blank C++ template or the pre-existing FPS or TPS templates?

Basically I wanted to go through your code and add it step-by-step to a test project from scratch so I can get a more in-depth feel for UE4 C++. Thanks.

I used a blank C++ project to get started. Good luck!

One tip I might be able to give you is to use the branches on GitHub, so you can see a growth of code instead of getting it all in your face at once. Just depends on how you like to work I suppose :slight_smile:

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Thanks … yeah basically I plan on starting a blank project then going through section one by reading your documentation and looking at the branch for section one. Once I am happy and comfortable I will then rinse and repeat with the other sections in sequence.

I am going to do it this way to understand UE4 C++ more clearly and see how you put the entire solution together, this will allow me to change it to my needs at the end of all the sections as I will understand the code better.

Thanks again for the awesome tutorial … nice job. 8-}

How about little competition? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m doing the same stuff to restore my c++ skills(I’ve forgotten almost everything during art and supergrid work D: ) and learn networking(Networking bugs are the most fun, can’t ignore that!)
Something like “One multiplayer game a month” :smiley: