One thing that bothers me about shadows

there is one thing that really bothers me about the kind of shadows we have.
I have this large landscape I´m still working on.

So basically as far I know I can use two kind of shadows. Distance Field Raytraced Shadows and Cascade Shadow Maps.
The raytraced shadows are the most accurate, best looking and most important to me, they support translucency.
Cascade shadow maps are in general good, too but are a bit behind the quality of raytraced shadows.
My problem with raytraced shadows is the flickering that occurs on fine detailed objects in the far distance. So they are
not really usable when you can see foliage in the very far distance. Well life could be so easy if you could mix raytrace shadows
in close range while having shadow maps in the far distance. Actually I can mix both shadows, but only the other way around.
The distance of the Cascade shadows overrides the distance of the raytraced shadows. so I can have Cascade Shadows
close to me while having raytrace shadows in the far distance wich is exactly what I don´t want.

Maybe I´m overlooking something and this is allready possible. So if someone could point me into the right direction
I´d much appreciate it. If this is not possible it would be a great addition in the future.