One simple Quest project?

Has anyone created one simple scene that was created with Unreal 4.24.2 and successfully deployed to the Quest?
A Scene or Template we could use as a starting point also for testing?

  • a project file with project settings specifically for the Quest?
  • something simple like a plane and a cube with performance stats and no artifacts, no AA issues, and no “jittery”, “lagging” or “jumping” geometry?

I am really curious if that project file exists somewhere for download to check all the project settings.
Simplified, but effective.

Thank you so much for any little hint or info,
I really do appreciate that! :rolleyes:

Hi, you could do this yourself in minutes, just follow the Quest simple setup steps, it’s very simple to follow - Oculus Quest: Quick Start for Unreal Engine | Oculus Developers

If you get that working have a play with the awesome VR Extension Plug.

Have fun

Hi, in addition to MRSWEET6 comment, you should have a look at this link


Thank you, and I already did. But I am running into multiple issues.

It’s a super simple setup, just with primitive objects.

Below, you can see problem Nr.1: Black Artifacts on intersecting edges.


Oculus Quest - Test Development Android ES3.1 / Vulkan - YouTube](

Updated Scene File:
In my latest Project File, I added a rotating head-sculpture. I wanted to see the performance when an object is rotating. However, the “black artifacts” don’t have anything to do with it and still remain even by having just a few primitive objects in my scene file.


My full documentation can be found here:

Any ideas how to resolve the issue with the “black edges”?
Thanks for any little hint and help and happy pixeling!