One scene storing multiple lighting setups?

For a project i’m working on i have to both render a day and a night version of the same scene.

Normally i would just complete the entire level, save it “as” the levelname_night variant and redo the entire lighting.

However since this is a team project where the level is still being built and updated i was wondering, is there a way to make use of sub-levels to use one set of level/environment geometry with different sublevels and lighting setups?
That way, if the geometry sub level is updated both the night and day scene will contain the new objects in exactly the same place with exactly the same shaders/settings/transforms.
For this project i’m mostly working with baked lighting as it involves VR so just switching around dynamic lights is not an option.

hey, did you solve your problem? If yes, how?

I think Lighting Scenarios is what you’re looking for