One room one task update

Hey everyone, this is a small update to my game one room one task
I’m currently reworking a big portion of the game, it won’t be a complete puzzle game
I want to make it a Survival puzzle game that plays in a small room in the game
And I switched to UE5 for nanite and lumen
so I hope everyone has a good night or day


Edit: I have a Discord server, so if you want to get active updates on the game, join it

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Greetings @Tevtongermany !

I see that you’ve made an update to your game and switched to UE5. However, there is no link here to a video or to your original game post (if you have one). I am not sure if this was your intention, but I just wanted to let you know.

We’d love to see video of your update and migration here!

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I forgot :skull: