so I’m working on a game right now its
called one room one task
the goal of the game is to escape the “Room”
if you want to learn something about the game or just talk with my here is my discord

and here is a small trailer


If it’s only one room and one task, are there multiple ways to win? :eyes:

its not only one room but there is only one task

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the one room in the name should let the people that this game is something small and quick that they can play

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Thanks for the clarification! I’m looking forward to seeing how “One Room One Task” develops. The title and trailer alone have me very curious. :star_struck:

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So hey I’m currently in vacation and I got a question I’m still a teenager and there is a problem how should I get my game on the epic games store I’m still not 18 do you know how ?

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Well, that’s nice; I hope you’re having a fantastic vacation! :partying_face:

Here’s a link that may help to answer your question about publishing games on the Epic Games Store. You may have to contact the support team directly for anything more in-depth.