One Mesh for player, different visible in reflections

Hiho @ll,

i have many reflections ingame and had an idea of using my chromakey equip to make some weirdo 2D FPS arms with that.

Would be easy to record dazillions of different animations, easy to level up with a Prolex wristwatch or some illuminati rubber ring.
Wearing some weirdo weapons, created from styrofoam, break them when angry.
Jam / drop anything, pulling stuff out of the players nose.

But i have most surfaces reflective and it looks silly, when even 3d arms are floating in the air.
For me it would be ok, when the reflections would not show the arms, instead some gpu particles or vector fields, completely blurred.
Only following player position to blur out the part, where char would be?

Other / better solution, bp only?