One material with 2 blend modes combined possible?

Hello everyone!

I used to work with Unity, and now working with Unreal for a couple of months. I find it pretty awesome, but this is the first thing I can’t really figure out.

I have created a tunnel, double sided material. By using colourmaps I get everything I want into one material, instead of creating different meterials on the object.
What I want:
GREEN: Keep it’s metallic shininess.
RED: Become semi transparent.

The masked blend mode does not allow for semi transparency, only fully.

My question: Is it possible to create one material that uses blend mode masked & translucent? Or is there another approach for my problem?

Your help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

AFAIK it’s not possible.
Partly due to optimizations to the rendering (and some of the semi-WIP aspects of transparent objects), but also partly due to the naming schemes here.
a material in UE4 is a material. cloth, window, brick, etc…. you will never find a material IRL that is transparent in some places and fully opaque in others. only two materials meshed together will create that effect, hence you will need two materials to create this effect :slight_smile:

You need to have a separate material ID for the surfaces. Then have one opaque material and one transparent and assign them to the mat. IDs you want.

What Jonimake said. Split up your mesh into different polygons, and select the polygons you want to be solid and give them a different material. Then, when you import the FBX, you’ll be able to choose the two different materials you want. This also has the added benefit of making rendering much simpler because both materials will be much less complex. It will make your life so much easier.