One material that can be different colors on different objects at the same time?

Straight up, I don’t know if this is possible without some serious effort and work-arounds. Basically, I have the simple mechanism of spawning some really small/basic objects, and each time one spawns I would like it to be a random color. My current attempt uses HSV stuff (only varying hues), which then converts to RGB and then plugs the RGB into a Material Parameter Collection Reference. Then in the one “random” material for all of the creatures to share, the MPC Reference is hooked up to the base color.

What happens when I try my system out, whenever I spawn in one of the basic objects, it’s assigned a material which is a random color! Hooray! Oh… wait… it changes all of the other creatures already in the game to the same color… You may see my problem.

So, is there a (relatively) simple way to make just one material that will be assigned to multiple actors, changing for each one yet managing to stay the same for the ones already made? Or am I asking the impossible?


Seriously though…pretty awesome tutorial…