One material, different objects

Let say if i have made a material to be used for different objects. Would there it be more performant in other areas other than the drawcalls required for the different objects?

Good question, I would like to know too.

I like to stick to fewer materials because I often pack multiple objects into one big UV/texture map, which often provide better packing efficiency than doing separate small textures.
Also it just makes life simpler, as I have less materials to manage.

Less materials, less shader variants, less memory usage. Same amount of draw calls.

Thanks guys. Looks like i would will need to create a good workflow for this.

There will not be fewer draw calls (unreal does not use instancing automatically), however if you use the same material you can avoid switching the shader between the draw calls making them more efficient to run.

Material instances help with this aswell.

Thanks, good advice. I will use HISMC with material instances.