One half of a normal map is smudged on the mesh

I have an extremely weird problem: I have this work in progress human head that I did with Maya-Substance Painter(the high poly version in Blender, if relevant). Everything was working smoothly until I imported it into Unreal and noticed that one half of the normal map(and only the normal map. Base, roughness, opacity, etc. all show up correctly) has taken a dive downwards.

Here is the half of it that looks the way it’s expected to look:

Here is the half of it which is smudged(well, parts of it, some of the wrinkles around the eyes are in their correct spot, even if they don’t look the way they’re supposed to):

Here is the forehead, where it’s fairly visible that the wrinkles on the left side have been smudged downwards.

I have no idea what could cause this. Everything worked fine in both Maya and Substance Painter, I baked the normals in Mikkt, used substance’s Unreal export to export them, tried baking from Xnormal(even though I added extra height detail in Substance), still got the same problem. And the weirdest thing is it only happens on this mesh. All others that I made with the same workflow show up correctly. I’ll include the normal map as well here, in case it helps, but that looks, well, normal.

How does it look on a engine Sphere (Maybe a mesh issue)? Also can you post a shot from the shader normal input as well as the shader “Material” settings section? Also-also, is the texture properties properly set the compression type “Normalmap” with sRGB unchecked?