OnComponentHit doesn't react when blueprint is possessed

Hi everyone. I’ve set a Third Person Project and added a vehicle blueprint that’s the standard stuff except with my own mesh and a bit of script for letting me possess the character blueprint again when I press a button.

Everything works fine except for what I’m trying to do now: Make an effect spawn when OnComponentHit (mesh). I have set it up as shown below:

It works fine when I hit the vehicle with my player, but as soon as I possess the blueprint, the OnComponentHit stops activating even if I hit walls or anything in the level.
I have gone to the Mesh collision settings inside the Blueprint and “Simulation Generates Hit Events” is set to true. I haven’t touched anything from the Collision panel so everything is set to default.

Any ideas of what I’m missing?

Thanks for the help!

Sorry for bumping. I have been going through this again and I know I’m just probably missing something very obvious, yet… I don’t know what it is!

Anyone has an idea? I’ll keep trying to solve it in the meantime.

Ended up finding the solution, which, as I assumed, was quite obvious.
I’ll leave it here for reference:

I forgot to set the “simulation Generates Hit Event” on the Physics Asset of my vehicle:


With this tick turned on, now it works. Added a couple things in my blueprint to make it so that it only spawns the particles once the vehicle hits a certain speed and overall it works almost as I wanted.