on moblie photos tun out red when only centameters away

so I take a 360 view of my scanning object on moble and 1 half of the scan turn’s out invalid as it cant be contented to the rest of the scan dipite its on centimeter with the same angle lables as green I’ve tried cropping and restarting and that does nothing what could I do

like this

Try to take them in “strings”, covering the important surfaces; such as 4 strings, covering each flat surface from bottom to top and then above, for a cube (essentially most objects can be reduced to a cube primitive). Doing this I find it reduces the number of red photos tremendously. If you have issues with that then let me also suggest to you to capture images in between the green and red. This will create strings of their own and will tie in red photos to the green ones. The way you are scanning here is getting all angles and fantastic coverage, but you need to “connect” the green images to the red ones, doing the string method is what I find easiest. If that is not well explained enough then here is a link to Anderson Rohr’s tips and tricks.

I will Try to attach some photos soon to better illustrate what I mean.

Here are the pictures to get you a rough idea of what I mean.


thank you I seemed to fix it I was using small objects like chess pieces

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