Omni Virtuix Treadmill UE4? almost there.. Anyone got it to work

I got close using the SDK. Has anyone ever made this work? Would you be willing to share and collaborate? thank you

Hi @rich0550 its been a while but I did get it working for some clients, I was using 4.18.3 for that specific project. I don’t have the hardware here at the office any more but might be able to brush off the cobwebs and answer some questions if you still are stuck.

wow great would you have a working project around? Did you get the ring working?

Sorry its been awhile since I logged in. Yes I got it all working, I didn’t care for the experience. I do have a few projects still however they contain client data that I can’t share. Happy to provide the SDK plugin if you need that.

Thanks I got the plugin working. I kept the teleporting from the VR template, but it conflicts, any tips on how to have teleporting and game controller (omni) at the same time?

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Ciao! Mi ritrovo con il tuo stesso problema, sei riuscito a fare funzionare il tuo progetto sul Virtuix? Come hai settato il plugin? Io ho modificato solo l’axis come suggerito dalla guida di Virtuix Omni, ma non funziona… mi puoi aiutare?? Grazie!