Old Street Scene - WIP TPS Action game

It’s my WIP project’s urban level scene, and the screenshot is for actually a cover shot.

I’ve been working alone for this entire project. If you’re interested in you can see my artstation. ( I’m recently uploading few progress. )

It’s a TPS action game, but I’m trying my best to make it very difficult.

I’ll leave some of screenshots and a video for sneak peak.

Please leave me a comment and a critique! thank you!

Love the street layout and some of the shot choices, very photographic!

Thank you very much!

Hello! Here is some updates of my last level. :slight_smile:
I’ve been working for updating my project to 4.16
And many of physics improvement was really great.
I could apply physics effect and It was amazingly fast.
Still working on it but its really simple and fast.

I’m working on AI and another hero characters same time,
and level/prop for store interior.

The video is some happening while I’m testing a stress testing for maximum AI in full load situation.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend!

This looks fantastic! Really well done. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I’m so happy to hear! :smiley:

Your architecture is nicely done. You should make a marketplace item for some buildings. Did you use MakeHuman for your

Thank you! I’m sure it’s not enough for selling yet. Hope someday I could make it good enought to sell on marketplace!
By the way I made my character in Zbrush and rigged in Maya. :slight_smile:

The hand painted stuff on the marketplace is usually nicer for games. It’s hard for a game to have total realism. Studios spend millions on it. Fiverr would be a place to showcase your art, and texture assets. I’ve bought some stuff there though not artwork yet.

Thank you for your answer.
I hope the day will come that I could sell or share my work :wink:

I’ve been asking for comments and critiques on many different communities,
For now, most of response of my work is “No comment” and some very few of critiques.
Frankly I’m also not confident of my work.
And I’m just pushing myself harder to archieve a good quality of work.

I personally am very cartoony. But It your game looks like a lot of the streets in Europe. You focused a lot on the architecture of the windows. It’s nice.