Offset texture on top on another, no wrapping?

I want to add a small texture, on top of my main texture, and be able to offset/move it around without it wrapping over the whole thing.
I’ve tried a couple different approaches but no luck. Any help is appreciated.

I could just make a texture the same size as the main and use an alpha to mask, but I wanted to minimise texture sizes.

Thanks in advance

In texture details find Texture tab and click on little arrow to open advanced settings. There you can change **Tiling method **to “Clamp”. Now your texture won’t tile at all. Then in your material just add Vector2 to UV’s of this particular texture to move it around

Hi, that’s actually one of the methods I tried, but it just covers the whole texture… is there a way to keep its small size, and not 0-1?


I’ve worked it out, I made a small mask texture as well, and used a lerp :slight_smile: