Offset Particle Grid with Texture

I am trying to create a ParticleGrid that is offset-controlled by an Image.
eg. White Part 50z up, grex 25z up and black 0z.

I have followed a couple of tutorials (1 , 2) but my Particles won´t move.

Also I have noticed, that all the content online refers to a “Particle Location” that UE5 doesn´t seem to readily hand over.

As you can see, my particles have the right color, but not the right height.

Am I missing something?

You can get the red channel out of the texture, and use it to add to the Z position of the particle. You need to edit your own modules.

It took a little while, because the Niagara goalposts keep moving. Connecting previous outputs to subsequent module inputs was pretty easy with some custom HLSL, but that seems not to work now…

You can use the GridUVW from the grid location to sample the texture, like this:


I found previously ( didn’t check it again ), I couldn’t get any use from the color coming out of the default texture sample node, so I tweaked it to also give me the red channel

Then I wrote a scratch module that repositions the particle based on the red channel


Amazing solution. The “Hero” Tag is quite fitting. Thank you!

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I think it’s probably totally possible using just the parameter stack, I just don’t ‘get’ the connection process…

And I can’t see a way, at the moment, to reposition the particle without a custom module. Maybe it’s something massively obviously, but I’m not seeing it :slight_smile:

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Your way seems way more sophisticated. Since you mentioned an “off the shelf” solution, I managed to soooortof come to a similar solution using the offset in “Initialize Particle”


I Lerp´d the Red Channel between two offset floats.

Can you do a bigger pic? Is ‘initialize particle’ the Epic for ‘set particle location’?

There you go

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