Offset of player while I rotate

Hello, I have achieved what I want through using invisible actors and getting random location around those actors, but what I would like to do is have my AI follow to the right of my character, or infront of my player. Currently my AI is following Invisible actors that I have set up?

Is My way the best way to do this or is there a way or a function built into unreal to get the offest of the player character or actor while still maintaining the rotation of the character? basically I want my AI to follow to a random point on the right of the character, or infront of the character. Thanks for all the advice so far.

To always get the ‘follower’ on the right use:

It has a nice, delayed effect:


To make this happen on the left, just change that multiplier to -120.

It works with GetForwardVector and front and back… :slight_smile: