Official Leap Motion Plugin!

Welcome to the official Leap Motion UE4 Plugin thread!

Right now, you can access the plugin directly from the Unreal 4.7 source code. Download and build the source from Unreal’s GitHub repository and start creating an amazing experience for desktop VR! The plugin will also be bundled with future Unreal binary tool releases, so be on the lookout for updates there.

Read Leap Motion’s announcement here

Questions about the plugin? Building something cool with the engine and Leap? Let us know!

This is **GREAT NEWS! **:smiley:

I would just like to give a shout out to MarcW ([Plugin] Leap Motion exposing to blueprint - WIP]([Plugin] Leap Motion exposing to blueprint - WIP - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums)) & getnamo ([Plugin] Leap Motion - Event Driven]([Plugin] Leap Motion - Event Driven - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums)) who have done an outstanding job in providing an unofficial UE4 Leap Motion plugin up until this point & I would like to nominate them both for getting an official credit in the Unreal Engine 4’s Contributor Credits section in-engine.

This is great, but my performance using it has been quite lackluster. I’m using the VR mount and am wondering if this is an issue with the plugin or the hardware. I managed to see my hands in VR but just barely, they pop in and out, if I hold still with one over the other they disappear, and the tracking volume is rather small. I did set up the blueprint to use HMD mode. I debugged the leap motion using their control panel and checked that the latency is 4-5ms and I’m using the latest driver update as of a few days ago. I’m using a 6-core i7 so that shouldn’t be an issue. I wonder if this is a software thing or hardware thing considering I bought the leap motion as soon as it was released. Maybe it works better on the newer prototype hardware that we can’t get our hands on… or can we? :slight_smile:

This is an awesome development! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and since I’m using UE4 on a mac, I hope the mac version is not too far off! :wink:

Great news! Really happy to see this! :smiley:

Was working on an university project (walking around historical places while only using hands, interesting for museums) that uses Leap Motion, and I was using unofficial plug in from “getnamo”, it was working really well. So just want to thank him and community that was working with UE4 and Leap. :slight_smile: Now happy to transfer my project to official plugin and hope there will be constant support and improvements!

What type of hands do you have if you mind me asking?

As only last weekend I took my Oculus DK2 + Leap Motion to a mates place and the detection rate was pretty shoddy at best… I believe this is due to him having stubby fingers, while I have rather long fingers at around 8.5cm to 10cm logn each depending on finder and this might be the cause of problems with Leap Motion’s software having a hard time recognising whether what is presented in front of it is a hand or an object/tool.

With that being said,
Hopefully more types/shapes are optimised with the Leap Motion as development continues with its SDK.

Awesome news, glad to see it fully integrated with the engine!

The unofficial plugin will continue to exist and be updated as it contains full api binding, that said if you’re looking for a simple integration, I highly recommend using the official plugin.

As it is officially bundled, I am going to assume that it supports both Mac and Linux as well.

Awesome news … time to dust off my Leap Motion Controller and do some testing. 8-}

double post.

i think, i still going to use the unofficial (hope that small bugs got fixed), will check the offical in the 4.7 released but seems very early.

That it my last test i upload with non-offical.

from LM web page.


I don`t know how to compile stuff :frowning:

I really want to use leap motion in my ue4 project :frowning:

Hi VRMMO if you go to Epic Games · GitHub that takes you to the github repository then click on Unreal Engine, instructions are provided when you scroll down. You can basically download the 4.7 version in .zip format and from there you should grab microsoft visual studio community and compile. Instructions for the entire process are provided. Its easy I assure you.

That’s honestly perfect,
when it will be released for android development ??

How can I switch to better looking realistic hands and arms? The Unity plugin has many to choose from. Is this easy to add myself?

What features are you missing the most?

Note that you CAN access all the features of the API from the plugin using C++. However, coordinates and vectors aren’t transformed to the Unreal frame-of-reference for you.


We should have an example available soon.

not check yet but have full features support on UE4 would be nice, C++ and BP.

anyway my main use of LM its for move the hands of my main character mesh like you can see in the video i post in my first post in this thread.

Compared to the Unity plugin, the UE leap plugin is basically unusable. Hands jump around, flicker in and out. On a Unity project I have Leap very good. Why are there differences? When will it be fixed? Anything I can do on my end?

Good news! Now waiting for features like VR Widgets with UMG (Unity is more advanced for LM we all know)!

Thank you