Official F.M. Station [Content & Announcements]

After re-creating my website, the FM Station went down. There is now a temporary page where the 3 major downloads are live once again (FX Gas Planet, Unreal Eye, and Unit One):!free-market-station/zwkhl

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[Announcement] August 5, 2015

New Quick Tip Tutorial!
Quick Tip: FM Station

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[Announcement] July 14, 2015

A.)Unreal Engine Dynamic Eye Launched!

  1. Dilation Control
  2. Iris Type
  3. Pupil Influence
  4. Optional Procedural Pupil
  5. Muscle Constriction Limitations
  6. Blindness / Haze

Download: F.M.Station

[Announcement] July 6, 2015

A.)Dynamic Radial Mask Ported!

  1. Start animation from any degree
  2. Dynamic Endpoint
  3. Dynamic Polar Coord. Animation
  4. Full Color Based on Vector Grads
  5. And much more!

Download: F.M.Station

[Announcement] July 5, 2015

A.)Unit One: A Simple 3D Dynamic Ruler Launched!

  1. Accurately test the size of your level whether it be in miles or millimeters!
  2. Dynamic Distance based ruler progression
  3. Mathematically Accurate
  4. Editor/In-Game Modes
  5. Easily control properties using Material Instances on a global scale
  6. This system fully supports US Standard and Metric System(s)

Download: F.M.Station

[Announcement] June 22, 2015

A.) New FX Gas Planet Update Launched!
Update Notes:
Implemented new shader parameters for more robust control over gas color, fluidity, and behavior.
Implemented stylized parameters for more control over defining features of non-existant giant types.
New MICs and Maps.
Saturn Remake now included. This is an attempt I made at re-creating Saturn using the new parameters and controllers included within this update.

Download: F.M.Station

Sorry for this… but…

I LOVE YOU :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Like always it looks so beautiful!!!

little question : will there be a easy way to put the sun/gasgiants into an level… like all in one blueprint? (hope you understand what i mean, not so good in english -_- )

Keep up your good work!!!

Its awesome that you are sharing this for free, much appreciated!

@JBaldwin, these planets look so awesome :smiley:

@ Yami - No problem :slight_smile: In regards to your question, yes there will be blueprints in the near future. There will be constant updates to the content I am releasing.

@ hobbitjack - Glad you are enjoying it!

@ n00854180t - Thank you for the compliment! Keep your eyes open for future updates.


I am currently developing a quick tool (Unit One) that is a mathematically accurate 3D Dynamic ruler set in world space.
Check out the main post in this thread for more info on the upcoming content.

And remember, It’s Free! :cool:

Ooo nice! Still yet to play around with the Planet toolkit!

Unit One (Version 1.0) Released!
Go download the files :slight_smile:

Also, check the main thread for updated media. I have also shipped a bonus shader with this launch that allows you to independently stroke unique meshes using an old UE3 Technique.

Thanks a lot for sharing these, ! Awesome stuff.

Thank you !

Another Update: The official Facebook Page has been launched!

Nice use of the video co-pilot tutorial :slight_smile:

@ SaviorNT - Yup! Needed something temporary but not ugly. When I saw that effect I couldn’t help myself. I was actually looking for origami when I stumbled onto it.
However, for the final version, I will most likely be doing a fluid based logo. Everything is still under development so any kind of change is still possible.

As part of the on-going construction, I am re-organizing my website to use the F.M. Station as the hub for all content (both common and educational).

Check out the new ported content via the main thread!
And visit the facebook page: Redirecting...

Unreal Engine Dynamic Eye Launched!

Check out the main thread post for updates, downloads, and new media!

Thank you for all these amazing sharings !

I always enjoy checking out your threads, full of AAA content!

Have fun today !



@JBaldwin - That eye is super slick man!

@Rama - Thanks! I am glad you like the content :slight_smile:

@n00854I80t - Thank you! Btw, out of curiosity, is there a name I can refer to you by so I don’t have to type so many numbers lol.

I am currently testing for a company, and thus there is going to be a small time period in which I will not be creating content*

Mate, this is just awesome. Gonna use this Gas Planet for sure. Some day xD

@JBaldwin - n00854180t = Noob Saibot, from MK3 :slight_smile:

He has some good stuff with fluid based motion graphics on his site, but don’t get me wrong, wasn’t “dissing” the design, as VC is freaking amazing :smiley: Bringing AAA production quality to the masses ftw :wink: Knoll Light Factory was, iirc, $999 USD until Andrew came along and wtfpwnd them with his Optical Flares. Now they’re selling it for $200, which is still more than his.

Shockwave Particle FX + MotionPulse would be good.

Anyways… <3 those eyes, nice job!