Off Topic: What would you do if you were a ghost?

I would probably go and learn the world’s secrets. And scare the hell out of people :smiley:

Spook politicians so much you are given WORLD DOMINATION. Then you make all of them build you a throne of skulls and rule from there.

Indeed. World domination is the way to go!
Pesky humans should worship us or zombie apocalypse will happen :mad: :mad: :mad:

Yep… World Domination! I would scare the **** out of Angela Merkel! (Why Merkel? I don’t know.)
Then I would tell people That I am there mind, and make them do stupid things! (Then watch Freeman’s mind… Why Freeman’s minds you say? Because it is the best! You should watch it!) :slight_smile:

Also, zeOrb… How would you create a zombie apocalypse? Would like to know how.

Find someone wanting to sell their soul for money, convince them I was Satan. Have them participate in the Randi Foundation challenge, and win $1,000,000 (I mean, I’m a ghost. That’s as paranormal as it gets). I would then proceed to have him bribe his way to power through the stock market, while I convinced him he was both immortal and untouchable. Soon, domination.

Possess someone and then set about creating my empire where everyone gets free candy, also I would be eating candy. Putting my Possessed body to good use, eating candy.

Even after dead, you all want to work? And yes, world domination and scaring people is still considered a job.

I would relax… I would sit on my *** all day… I would do nothing.”, Peter Gibbons.

“You don’t need -to be a ghost- to do nothing, man. Take a look at my cousin. He’s broke and don’t do ****.” - Lawrence

I would try to get the world domination so that I will be abel to create a better world (food and water for everyone, no corruption, no wars,…) :slight_smile:

As a ghost could I play videogames? If not, there’s no point… so… I’d find the nearest exorcist and hope to be reborn as something that can pick up a controller.

Just sayin… you guys are too ambitious :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to the nearest graveyard and have some fun.:slight_smile:

with the living.

“I am a ghost ? What I am dead already ?!”

Saying that would be the firs thing I would do :smiley:

I would make sure justin bieber never stops wetting the bed, I would bring his nocturnal emissions to a whole new level

Nothing. When Im dead, Im done.

As a ghost, assuming I was not bound to a particular location, I would go wherever I felt like at that moment and explore the world as far as I could. Specifically I’d travel to the bottom of the ocean and to the furthest and most dangerous areas of the world that I could and see all the things we as a culture have yet to see and experience. Then, I’d probably go scare people in comical and ironic ways.

Depends… Maybe there is somewhere nice waiting for you? :slight_smile:

If I was a ghost I would try to find other ghosts.

I would troll the respawn

Then there’s this guy. There is always this guy.

@94 : Maybe, what I meant was, when Im dead my time on
earth is over :frowning: