Off Axis Projection / Changing Projection Matrix

Dear Community,
I try to find a solution for Off Axis Projection for a Powerwall/Cave. So far I found this forum entry
However since I am fairly new it seems a bit excessive for me to change something in the source code of the Unreal Engine.
Thus I was hoping that with Unreal Engine 4.22 there might be an easier solution on changing the Projection Matrix based on a tracking device.
I am greatfull for any answer.

I think this is what nDisplay is for. See: Rendering to Multiple Displays with nDisplay | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hey thanks for the reply. I tried to work with nDisplay. However I am not aware what I need to change in the settings to get exactly that. There is two Problems I have with nDisplay. One is the off axis Projection view. The other is stereoscopic rendering with our specific hardware setup. We can neither use the frame sequential, Top-Bottom or Side-by-Side rendering method since we Produce the picture of each eye with one cluster using active stereo. I am realy new to this stuff and I am just a student. However it is fun to learn.
Right now the more importend issue is to get off axis Projection running. Since I might have a solution for the active stereo rendering over multiplayer.

I used nDisplay with UE4.21 and the off-axis projection worked out of a box, but now in 4.22 tracking is coming and using the virtual camera, but the image is not adjusted to a perspective limited by the virtual screen. What has changed between these 2 versions? I had to amend the config file, but didn’t see anything related to off-axis projection.