Odd issue after crash

Hey guys, here is a screen shot. Completed a whole interior and setup a few cameras with animations. I was trying to figure out how to save each cameras animation and ended up crashing the editors when I tried to record with the matinee Record button. No problem, restarted and opened it up again and this odd issue happened. All my walls are like glowing. I figure to rebuild the lighting and its still glowing after a rebuild. What is causing this?

Ok… seems like only my walls are affected. I delete them and everything is good. Whats weird is how i apply any other material and it glows like i have a node on the emmissive plug. Its weird. Anyone had this happen? Even rebuolding dont fix it.

What the! Not even deleting and reimporting fixes this issue. I re import and the walls go all glow. This happened after setting up a few cameras for animation. Whats going on?

Ok. SOLVED. The new 17.1 update isnt compatible. Had to reimport EVERYTHING from scratch.

I suggest you to setup a source controll and stuff like this will be a past. :slight_smile:

Source control… what is that?