Odd Collision for Welded Attach Child

Hi guys!

So I’ve run into a bit of a strange one here, and I figured i’d post it up and see if anyone has encountered something similar.

Basically, I have two box mesh I am trying to attach to one another. Both of them are simulating rigid bodies, and I am using AttachToComponent() with the 'Weld Simulated Bodies’ flag checked.

Everything works as expected. The boxes kinda join together and when I move one box the other rolls around with it. Cool.

One problem, though. When I try to use GetClosestPointOnCollision() on the child box , I noticed that the point returned is not on the child box, but on its parent! This only seems to occur after the attachment takes place. More odd still is that normal line traces still hit the child correctly, so it obviously still has a valid collision hull.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Before Attach :

After Attach:

Looks like it’s this ;(

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