Odd behavior when spawning an actor from gamemode.

Hello! I have been tackling this issue for quite a while now -I am trying to spawn an actor from my gamemode, and then run an event in that actor that changes the actors material depending on which team gamemode assigned it to.’

Now, the issue is that a) when spawning the actor, size variables in the transform do not have an effect Also, the material event (set to run on server, other options seem to not change anything) has some really bizzare effects:
the material DOES NOT change to clients, the actor is invisible in viewport, and when the actors are told to print out the display name of their material(part of the event they are set in), (after it has been set), they return the correct material.

Is this a known issue? And how to fix it?



I have the same problem currently with adding instanced static meshes to create a grid through the Game Mode.

I know it’s an old post but anyone have any idea?