Odd artifacts in Hair Cards on game character

Hi Guys i am facing this weird issue with some hair cards. They are showing perfectly fine in C4D. but in unreal, they show completely black at some angles and at some they appear fine.

I am really frustrated. Please let me know what is causing it. See attachments.


Not odd. It’s temportalAA or lack thereof.

Also the mip level.

Also the material being completely … well, wrong.
That’s not how a hair shader is supposed to look.

Also, you need to enable the proper normals on it. If you view world normals you can probably see where the dark artifacts come from.

It’s a complex subject and the fact you are starting with a non hair material is the first problem.
(It’s actually surprising it looks that good in the screenshots).

Content examples have haircard materials and a head of hair to check.

Note that the hair may still glow in point lights when done according to how the content examples do it.

Gotchya, now that the issue is identified. Can you help with giving me some sources of information on what’s the right shader and other information?

Thanks a bunch.

This is a good source - if you can stick to .25 or less for the demo project it’s better.

The hair card images can all be rendered in Blender by making clumps or hair and baking.
This gives you the ability to create whatever you need rather easily when it comes to not having specific maps.

The tip orientation of the normal map matters when using the accompaning material - then again I would suggest you heavily autor it for your specific needs…