Oculus Warning Message


Is there any possibility to make warning message appear even when you reset the level. It is appearing only once and when I reset my level the message is not there. Is there any blueprint node for that?

You want the Health and Safety message to appear MORE often?


ps: i have nothing useful to say

Isn’t’ this handled through the Oculus software and interpreted by the engine? There is a way to change it but the staff would have to specifically program a node for it. (Or someone extends the current VR plugin for additional nodes)

Its hilarious that you want it to appear more than once though. A lot of devs are crying bloody murder about the message itself here or there on Oculus forums. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m more interested in customizing it.

I want that thing gone so badly…

I use it to make sure the headset is on right, and everything is focused!

btw if you want to remove the Health and Safety warning for development follow the post in this thread:

Oh wow, thanks so much I wasn’t aware.