Oculus VR shipping 10k DK2 units in July

Developers will start receiving these from July 14th and onwards. From the dev forum:

Awesome ! Thx you !! :smiley:

I am very aroused right now.


Honestly I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. I ordered late (last month on the 19th), but even so, I was sort of looking forward to getting it in August, rather than (I’m assuming here) late September or early/mid October.

It wouldn’t have been bad if they hadn’t waited until yesterday to drop the boot and revise their statements from as little as a couple of weeks ago (where they said they were confident in shipping 20k ish DK2s in July) to what we have now (10k to distribution centers and only 5k to devs hands in July).

That’s a really big delay.

Having used the DK1, HD Rift, and DK2 - it’s worth the wait. Each one is a quantum leap in terms of quality.

I have no doubt!

Just disappointing is all. I was resigned to a month wait, but two-plus is pretty painful.

Oh well, more time to work on my game!