Oculus VR Game Package

Hi Guys!

I´m working in a project that is based on matinees over different places. Is like 40% done and I already have the levels almost done all is left is animation and texture.

At this point I wanted to make a little test and see how does it works already packaged. And works really really bad is going almost to 15 fps with the DK2, setting all grafics to low by console commands runs to 32 fps. 30 fps is good for some games but when you got on the Oculus DK2 by my experience you need 60 fps to dont have some latency when you look around you.

I started to make the project at UE 4.8 all this fps results are from this engine version. Now with the new engine 4.10 and the improvements on the VR plataform that says have been maked. I thought on download it and see if I could use my project on this engine version, well I make it and the results keeps the same.

Is there some kinda way to change some little things to improve my project for the DK2? Any help will be appreciated.

I test this project on a i5, 16 gb ram, GTX 970, all drivers up to date and Oculus Runtime 0.8 and test before with 0.6

Really thanks!!

Nothing? :frowning:

Check out the recent “developing for VR” videos from Epic. I don’t remember off hand, but there was a post-process setting (or 2) that I adjusted which massively increased my framerates. IIRC, it had to deal with ambient occlusion which made the biggest jump. There are also several other tweaks that you can do.

Really thanks for the info.

There is something that really worries me, I started my project in 4.8. But the engine version improved for Vr is the 4.10, so should I make again my project on the 4.10?

Im really getting some errors 'cause the change of engine got conflict with the path of my levels and some assets.

Hold off until 4.11, and then (if I suspect correctly), the 1.0 Oculus SDK, which I also suspect, will be in 4.11… you’ll want to take care of those errors, but still, it would be best, as there will be some rendering performance increases in the next build. This build was about stability, next build is about performance.

I’ve moved my project from 4.9 to 4.10 and i didn’t had any pb. I did a build and when you start the occulus, the game detect and split the screen for you. Only downside is that i had a bit of lag with the occulus (even if the game was running 120fps on the computer) and even with a build, there’s still a lag (like if the game was running 25fps)

If you have lots of meshes in your scene, try using Rama’s VictoryEdPlugin and using the Instanced Static Mesh functionality (select a bunch of meshes that use the same model and press teh hotkey -> converts to ISM).

I was able to gain >100fps by doing this in a scene made up mostly of a bunch of scaled/rotated versions of a single rock.

I think I missed those, that sounds like a great resource, would you happen to have a link to the videos? Thanks in advance!

Thank you!

Thanks Everyone!!!