Oculus UE4 branch differences



  1. Is connection to oculus server something I can only achieve by oculus branch?
  2. Will it make any significant difference to use oculus branch over master branch?

I am developing a multiplayer game on oculus. I have came across oculus branch of UE4 while searching about multiplayer server. I do not really understand the differences between oculus branch and master branch. There are a few critical questions that I have on my mind.

  1. Are there any differences related to connections and server? As far as I know UE4 connects to Steam server by default. Is it any different on oculus?(If UE4 doesn’t connect to steam server by default is it still possible to connect to oculus server from master branch UE4?)

  2. I saw that there is a quest 2 option in packaging options on oculus branch but not in master branch. Does having quest 2 packaging option make any significant change on packaging?

Thank you for your clarification.