Oculus Touch/Razer Hydra users must run "windows 7 compatibility" in UE4 games for some reason?

I have an Oculus Touch devkit and Razer hydra, both of which are now supported by SteamVR. All the SteamVR games with hands have worked for me up until this point except for UE4 ones. I am running Windows 10, testers for even my game will have to set “Windows 7 compatibility mode” for the razer hydra or touch buttons to register.

I have noticed this is a recurring issue in UE4 games, such as today with Raw Data which was released today, with Pool Nation and the Brookhaven Experiement, and almost all the other UE4 titles on Steam when using touch or the hydra. I am basically just trying to get to the bottom of this because I’d like to know I how can use OpenVR with UE4 and my game will just work with the touch when it’s released (without having to resort to using the Oculus SDK). Thanks!

PS: The floor is off for my Oculus users also, I wish it would just work like in Unity games. I am not sure if this all belong in bug reports but just wanted to bring awareness. 5000 touch devkits are shipping to devs now and seems like a good time to get this resolved!

Any ideas guys? People are posting that UE4 games like raw data don’t work with touch, when in fact they do work but you have to set the games launcher to windows 7 compatibility mode. I’m trying to figure out why this is the case.

I used Hydras in development and for testing purposes without Win7 compatibility mode.

I’m talking with SteamVR/OpenVR, try some games like raw data, the brookhaven experiment (gun is rotated incorrectly without compatibility mode)

All have to be set to compatibility mode for buttons to register properly. Not talking direct hydra integration with the CV1 or DK2.